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Taxing Huifeng

Taixing Huifeng is an international destination for classic and fashionable couture and we are a global apparel buying and sourcing company with over 13 years of experience in the textile industry, with production and innovation centres in Bangladesh & India.

Over the years, we have developed a range of pioneering solutions for global brands and retailers, while staying true to our mission to combine great product design and quality, with sustainable development, compliance excellence, and design innovation.

Taixing Huifeng is run by highly talented, trained and experienced professionals who are committed to provide a premium quality service as per the buyers’ expectation. We are doing business successfully with our valued customers.



We believe in transparent trend. Our designers have an innate sense of glamour accompanied with an unfailing eye for timeless chic. Innovation in fashion comes with freshness, freshness in judgment, knowledge of iconic elements hidden in real world rather than magazines, confidence layered in common people and significant pursual of retail analytics, all of these are education in our designers.



Investment into ideas :

Being global outfitters of fashion technology, we invest into realistic ideas which helps our customers find the truest and most authentic versions of themselves. We believe that profits should always co-exist with principles and by creating fashion that offers communities to find out their window and individualism, we accomplish our goals.

Virtuous cycle of principle based profitable :

Fashion is a social responsibility which is an integral policy of our culture. We work with our investors and associates to create commendable fashion opportunities for our beloved customers and are counted amongst the most ethical and socially conscious brand.

Commitment to empower the generation for individualism :

Unlike other brands, Taixing Huifeng measures fashion as a source to empower the conscious youth towards individualism. Fashion is best with relevance, i.e. relevance of simplicity, relevance of flaws, relevance of attitude, and most of all relevance of integrity, and which is why, Taixing Huifeng is driven more towards creating an impact of singularity.

Embracing concept fashion :

We believe that fashion is a universal language and the best way to speak it is by wearing confidence, which comes with unique concept sewn in every fabric. Our team is consistently educating, challenging and inspiring our supply chain with authenticity, integrity and honesty which gets reflected in our work decorum.



We have very strict and rigorous quality control procedures throughout the business. For all new customers, where required, we send our QA Officers to visit the facilities to learn and familiarize themselves with all customer specific QA techniques and procedures. As part of the Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy, we are continuously searching for options in lowering our cost to give the best price with best quality to our customer, in order to meet the global fast fashion trend. We know commitment is the driving force for any success. Therefore we are committed to our buyer to ensure timely supply of quality products at competitive price meeting global standard in the age of global market economy.



Creating positive impact has always been at the heart of our culture as a company. Our strategic approach really began in 2010, when we rolled out our Social and Ethical Compliance blueprint across our global supply base.
We are committed to working with leading industry eco-communities to further develop our preferred fibre portfolio, and improving industry practices to bring positive environmental and societal changes for our communities.



Our vision always has and will always be anchored in People, Passion, and Partnership.



We continuously invest in maintaining a positive impact on the people living and working in our regional locations. In collaboration with suppliers, our teams strive to develop best practices, drive ethical transparency, and identify opportunities for positive change throughout the value chain.



Taixing Huifeng excels in design, sourcing, manufacturing & supplying of a wide variety of apparel products covering all the major categories for men and women. We work in close collaboration with the brands to offer the best quality and styles of apparel. Our factories allow us to realize the design creations that add value to the brand.



During the product development process, we strictly monitor a checklist of product attributes to keep exploring opportunities for development and innovation, and challenge ourselves to outrun previous standards.
It is during this process that we analyse your product requirement and assess its environmental and social impacts. In addition, we always ask our suppliers to do the same



• Taixing Huifeng's in-house ethical team conducts pre-audits and reviews existing audits from suppliers/factories to fully understand their compliance level before bringing them on board the Taixing Huifeng supply matrix.
• We partner with NGO's and retailers throughout the world to carry out various sustainability projects aimed at improving the working conditions for our factories the workers.